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Repairing your Credit Score

Buying a home can be a nightmare and virtually impossible if you don't have a good credit score! 
Team Papandrea is here to help and give you the resources to prepare the way for a good credit score when you are ready to purchase a home. We recommend that you get in touch with Get it Together!

About Get It Together

Get It Together is a Charlotte, NC based company that specializes in independent financial and credit education.  They are also the authors of Get It Together: The Real-World Money Guide for Graduates and Get It Together: The Real-World Money Guide to Cash and Credit. They offer a range of services from One on One coaching and online courses to workshops and organizational tools, and are here to help you get your financial life together.

About Get It Together Online Courses

Courses are designed by a team of mortgage, credit and financial professionals.  They combine years of knowledge and coaching into a do it yourself platform.  Personal coaching is available to help you should you choose to have the additional resources of a Success Coach.

Get It Together offers both Online Courses and Coaching for Home Buyers

Online Packages:

The Road Home
Finally - a course that walks you through the financial process of preparing to purchase a home! The Road Home will guide you through the step by step process to learn everything you need to know to get ready to purchase or refinance a home.  The course includes a checklist detailed documents that will teach you how to prepare financially, evaluate a mortgage.  The checklist and documents will assist you in assessing your financial situation and getting your financial documents on order to qualify for a mortgage. 
Credit Reports: Reading, Understanding and Improving
Credit- What does all of this mean? This is the question most people ask themselves when they look at their credit report. The second question is usually - Where do I even start to make this better?  The answer to both of these questions is answered in "Credit Reports: Reading, Understanding and Improving".  This easy-to-follow- course will guide you as you learn what credit report information means to you, and to those that want to extend credit to you.  You will begin to understand how credit impacts your life and how to use it to your advantage. Once you know where you are, you can improve your credit reports using the tools and resources provided in this comprehensive course. 

Personal Coaching Packages:
Credit Crash Course!
Take our crash course in credit to get your credit on track with a combination of the Credit Reports: Reading, Understanding and Improving, a personalized action plan, and a one hour coaching session.  This program will get you on track and kick start your credit improvement. 
Two Courses and a Coach
You could do it on your own, but no need when you can get the knowledge you need, and an expert to make sure you are doing it right!  With this package you get both the Road Home and Credit Reports: Reading, Understanding and Improving online courses, a personalized action plan AND a one hour coaching session to get you going.

Interested in knowing more about our company? 
We have an Online Demo of our Online Courses that talks about our company philosophy and it gives you an idea of what our "The Road Home" and "Credit Reports: Reading, Understanding and Improving"  courses are like. Please contact Get It Together to set an appointment to preview the actual courses.
Here is the link and info for the Sample Course: Log in as a guest and click on Sample Course
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