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Team Papandrea
Team Papandrea
4529 Sharon Road, Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28211
Phone: 704-756-8071

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Home Closing


Congratulations!   You've almost purchased the house of your dreams.  All that's left is to sign your name on a bunch of papers, get the keys and meet the movers.  We'll walk you through the entire process to make sure that you have everything you need and are comfortable and confident.

If you've used our in-house mortgage lender, you'll know for sure the closing will happen as scheduled because the date has been guaranteed in writing.

Through Wilkinson ERA, one of the top three real estate orgnizations in the Carolinas, Daniel and I are able to provide you with title insurance to protect you against loss arising from problems connected to the title to your property.

We'd be happy to discuss what the title insurance can mean for you.

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