Need to give your kitchen a quick and inexpensive update? December, 2019

Need to give your kitchen a quick update? Try these easy fixes. # KitchenRemodel ... Read More

Is your refrigerator a shambles? November, 2019

Is your refrigerator a shambles? Help is at hand with these nifty suggestions! ... Read More

Has your home been invaded by these little creatures this Fall?! October, 2019

Why are there so many stink bugs in my house this Fall!? Read all about how to get rid of them here! ... Read More

Time to band your beautiful Trees in October! September, 2019

October is the month to band your trees to protect them from the pesky Canker Worms that can destroy a trees' canopy in the Spring. Here's how to do it yourself! Read all about it here ... Read More

Where do you set the AC in your house during summer? August, 2019

The official federal government recommendation for keeping your house cool in the summer is setting your AC to 78° and not touching it. Read more here.

... Read More

Summer Travel Tips to pack light! July, 2019

Everyone seems to be going somewhere in the summertime. Here are some useful tips to help you pack sensibly. #SummerTravelTips ... Read More

10 Surprising things that Homeowners can be fined for! June, 2019

Get to know what you can and can't get away with in your neighborhood. All HOA's are not the same, so get your area rules straight so you know what's allowed. Read about it here. ... Read More

Team Papandrea in the Charlotte Relocation Guide! May, 2019

Check out our newest edition of the Charlotte Relocation Guide: Turn to page 69 for a peak at your winning team! ... Read More

Renovations that will see you through retirement April, 2019

Are you planning on staying in your home well after retirement? Here are some renovations that will make life easier, that you can do well before you need them. ... Read More

Concerned about your next electric bill? Check out these possible culprits. March, 2019

High electric bills cutting into your household budget? Try fixing these issues to save on your monthly expenses. ... Read More

10 things not to put into the donations box! February, 2019

Spring is a great time to clean out the closets! If you can't donate it or sell it, or if it's too large to dispose of, call 311 to get it collected for free by the county.Here are 10 things you should'nt put into the donations box Once you are all done, call us to list it for you! ... Read More

Charlotte is in the top 5 places to retire in the US! January, 2019

Charlotte isn't only a fabulous place to live, it's also in the top 5 places to retire. It is ranked 4th in the whole of the US for the best places to retire. Read more here. ... Read More

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