Staging your Home For Sale

All Sellers want a quick sale and even the best Realtor in the world will have difficulty selling your home, if the house doesn't look its best for buyers. No house is perfect, and so if you want to sell in a reasonable time, you need to prepare your home accordingly. Getting professional help is always recommended. 

Team Papandrea works with Jill Lehouiller, a Designer and Home Staging Specialist who can beautifully prepare your home for a successful sale. 

You only have two opportunities to give that immediate WOW factor to potential buyers. The first is having great MLS photos and the second is to have your home look great in 'person!'  You will only have one chance to make a great impression on a potential Buyer. Make it Count!

This is your opportunity to make buyers feel right at HOME. If sellers don't attend to details throughout the house at the same level as a stager, it may result in a price reduction. Resulting in very little or no activity regarding showings and negative feedback after showings.  Staging minimizes these issues.

Typically staging costs a fraction of that inevitable price reduction.  

Jill professionally stages the house to gain a comfortable and updated feel. She uses existing furnishings and accessories and de-clutters the house, so the potential buyer can see themselves in your house. Jill assists in rearranging furniture and accessories for balance and impact. She organizes areas, shops for additional items if necessary and places the final touches along with providing a list of "to do's" for the homeowner to complete. The first impression of a house on the market, has to be the absolute best impression that the home can be. 

Samples of Jill's work



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