Charlotte Relocation

Team Papandrea can help you with all your relocation needs.  Changing cities, states and homes is a stressful experience and we can help alleviate a lot of that tension!

We have years of real estate experience and have the necessary resources to make your Charlotte relocation go more smoothly.  Moving companies, decorators, painters, contractors, furniture, shopping, etc.  We have a long list of known and trusted vendors for any need.

Homes in Charlotte NC are very affordable and great value for the money and we expect market prices to rise well into the future.  Now is a great time to buy in Charlotte. 

Let us discuss your upcoming relocation and see how Team Papandrea can help.

Here is a great Resource for deciding on where to live. Find out what's best for you!

Often people are undecided where they should settle and this is a useful tool to compare different cities and areas. From cost of living, schools, shopping, area attractions and conveniences, to finding which place is best for you.

Need Information on Senior Living Resources? 

Should you need help with finding suitable Senior Living options, this is a good place to start. 


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